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Andrew Barton

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ANDREW BARTON is an up and coming, fresh faced and extraordinary handsome actor, writer and guy who gets on stage and tells jokes. His blend of anecdotal, witty, and observational styles of comedy will have you laughing your ass off.

The son of a comedian (allegedly), he’s been performing comedy since he was four years old. His first joke Andrew said, “This is my impression of David Letterman in prison, how’re we doing on time?”


You can find Andrew telling jokes at bars, theatres, and gas stations across the country. When Andrew’s not telling stories about his dysfunctional family and weird encounters with strangers, you can find him ordering Taco Bell or styling his luscious hair.

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Ian Mac

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IAN MAC exudes B.D.E. (Big Dad Energy) as he speaks truth to fatherhood, marital life, and recreational drug use in this age of utter bullshit.


After the toughest year in recent history, he emerges reinvigorated by the positive effects of the global pandemic; the joke that the entire world is playing on republicans. As a comic, writer, performer, producer and director, he holds the record for Second Longest Running Comedy Show in the twelfth largest city in the US (Fort Worth, TX).


Catch him on the road with Outlaw Comedy Productions throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and beyond!

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